H.I.C.R.O.N. d.o.o.

Adress: Riva 1, 51000 Rijeka (Croatia)
Telephone: +385 51 / 322 387
Fax: +385 51 / 321 712
Website: www.hicron.hr
Director: Sergey Morev
VAT: HR56786495791


  • Warehouse in Customs Free Zone in Rijeka , equipped specially for steel products, sugar, PET, HDPE,LDPE,PVC with equipment for control of moisture and temperature inside of the warehouse, anti-pigeons equipment
  • Forwarding service, including export, import, transit customs formalities and import customs formalities under the procedure Form 42
  • Trucking service – we have over 1000 trucking routes per year from Rijeka to European Destinations
  • Railway service – since 2007 we have the agreement with local railways authorities and private operators
  • Shipping and chartering –  we are booking for our client the vessels on worldwide destination
  • Ship´s Agency – we are the agent of the vessels in the Port of Rijeka
  • Booking the container shipments ex China, Inidia, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, etc to or from Rijeka until final destination
  • Water clerk and survey service –  each operation of our cargo is under water clerk control and -if necessary- under first class survey control