ILC Hungaria Kft.

Adress: Szent Istvan krt. 24, 6000 Kecskemet (Hungary)
Telephone: +36 70 / 3880712
Director: Laszlo Batori, Sergey Morev
VAT: HU22947815



  • Abt. 40.000 m² of closed warehouse capacities and abt. 120.000 m² of open warehouse capacities
  • Private railway branch station inside of our warehouse
  • 24 forklifts with lifting capacity from 2,5 until 8 mts, Bridge Crane with lifting capacity of 40 mts
  • Container stock and operation with containers 
  • Forwarding service, including export, import, transit customs formalities and import customs formalities under the procedure Form 42
  • Trucking service – we have abt. 800-1000 trucking routes per year from and to Hungary
  • Railway service – since 2000 we have the agreement with local railways authorities and private operators
  • Booking the container shipments worldwide to or from Kecskemet until final destination
  • Water clerk and survey service –  each operation of our cargo is under water clerk control and -if necessary- under first class survey control